cairn - (kèrn) s. m. - those enigmatic mounds of earth or stones, trace their origins to the Celtic word karn*.

These silent sentinels stand as enduring markers of human presence, dotting landscapes across the globe. Cairns hold a profound significance, often marking places of reverence and remembrance. They commemorate the departed, memorialize battles, and sanctify caves. These sacred sites served as hubs of spiritual connection and community gatherings. Beyond their ceremonial significance, cairns also played a practical role as waymarkers along trails. Guided by the hands of altruistic wanderers, these cairns provided direction and solace to those traversing uncharted paths.

In this gathering, the cairn serves as a unifying symbol for the participants of "Traversées." It is a testament to their collective journeys, a repository of mementos gathered and observed along their paths. Each element whispers tales of encounters, both with the natural world and with fellow travelers.