“ Traversées ” offers walks to connect, root, regenrate oneself, in all seasons, in the territories of France, with Ruben Brulat, artist and guide.

Exploring the landscape on foot, is the most profound, simple and harmonious way to inhabit it. Each day is punctuated by serendipitous encounters with the landscape and its inhabitants.

These unique walks traverse spaces that still elude us to some extent. Each path is an opportunity for our senses to reconnect with the surroundings of the living, the common, and to draw closer to lives beyond ourselves.

Ruben Brulat (1988) I grew up wandering the trails, in Provence and the Alps. Walking has since guided me across continents and under diverse climates. I have woven a dialogue with the natural world into my artistic practice - here -.

I am a licensed Mountain Leader (DE AMM)

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