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In the folds of the Luberon, nature rises and expands with wild grace. The massif, once the territory of men and beasts, still reveals today the traces of their passage and their trials. From rough rocks to jagged peaks, from impenetrable forests to swirling waterfalls, from crystal-clear springs to fields of winding olive trees, a symphony of shapes and colors is composed that captivates the soul as much as the senses.

Here, nature has kept its secrets, its mysteries and its silences. She is both mother and muse, strength and fragility, balance and disorder. The birds nest and the butterflies burst forth brightly. The steep paths, the deep gorges, the sunburned plateaus, the buried valleys, this land invites exploration, discovery and wonder.

The Lubéron is a sanctuary, a place of life and death, a witness to history. Both anchored in the earth and open to the sky, it is the quintessence of Provence, its beauty, its harshness and its poetry. It is the memory of the men who knew how to shape it, protect it, sublimate it. It is the refuge of those who seek truth, wisdom, simplicity. It is the jewel of an unforgettable landscape, which invites contemplation, love and hope.


Traversées of four to cinq days

Survey the massif in several days of walks from its western part to its central lands, colorful, lively and bursting with energy. A perigrination to let yourself be carried away for a long weekend in the heart of this Earth crossed for centuries by artists and poets. Our hotel-gites and guesthouses are located in places anchored in their territory. A splendid experience.

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45km, 1800m d+, 4 to 5h of walking/d
from 4 to 8 person, access by train from Avignon TGV
à partir de 2980€/p

Four à five days through Lubéron :

⟜D1 : Arrival by train, transfer, 2-hour walk to the heart of the massif, this small introduction allows us to disconnect gently, we spend the night in cabins or a typical comfortable farmhouse, dinner on site.

⟜D2 : Today we are heading towards the heart of the massif, walking for 5 to 6 hours, we cross the ridges, passing through the heart of the cedar forest, breathtaking views of Provence, the sea and the pre-Alps, the remarkable geological formations carry our steps towards the East, lunch on the way, in the afternoon we will cross the scrubland, bathed in its smells, the night is close to Bonnieux, dinner on site.

⟜D3 : A day in the limestone valleys, enveloped in oaks, we reach Buoux, then Castelas, in the evening where a meal awaits us.

⟜D4 : Loop around Castelas, perhaps as far as Mourre Nègre, stunning views of Provence, lunch on the way, or just a short walk in the morning and transfer to Avignon TGV.

 ⟜D5 : (optional) Short walk in the morning to surround yourself one last time with the smells of scrubland, and transfer to Avignon TGV.

⟝ contains : nights at accomodations , breakfast, picnic, diner at our hosts, transfers back and forth to Avignon TGV

⟝ doesn’t contain  : further travel from Avignon TGV

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Lors de chaque départ nous échangerons ensemble sur le programme en détail, les hébergements, les transports jusqu’au départ et à l’arrivée, comment s’équiper du bon matériel. Un séjour entiérement sur-mesure est possible sur demande.