Thanks and credits

Thanks to the living in all forms and presences, visible and invisible who guides my steps along the paths.

Thanks to Alix, to Rose, Christophe, Samuel, to Blanche, to Nico, Victoria, Charlie, to Misha, Tom, Cezar, Pablo, Léo, Thomas, to Gian, Sophie, Marie, to Nathanaël, Lubna, Anatole, Sophie, Zen, Shauna to Raphaël, Maélis, to David, Félicie, Agathe, Laure, Victor, Adriana, Audrey, Nicolas, to Sophie, Sven, Niels, Anne, Clotilde, to Clotilde, Emmanuel, Letizia, Iris, to Paul, to Francois, Bernard, to Fanny, Edith, Sebastien, Romain, Florian, Xavier, Nelly, Jerome, Fabien, Francoise, Michel, André, Nicole, Michel, Elisabeth, Michéle, Berne, Gerard, Michel, Jacques, to Jeremie, Nicolas, Nicolas, Loic, Francois, Elsa, Didier, Pascal, Isabelle, and all candidates of UF and DE AMM, to all wanderer of trails, met here and there.

Images in their almost entirety were done by Ruben Brulat, some by Zen Lefort, a few by Alix Thomsen and one by Lubna Playoust.

All content of this site is underlicence, CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 DEED, you can share everything in all its form, without commercial and without modification, and with attribution to Traversées- Ruben Brulat.

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